Live Talk - Virtual Meeting 3to1 - Needs and Solutions Meet

December 16th in collaboration with Key Project:

Buy (and sell) remote technology innovation projects.
The Idealtec and TBS Europe cases

2020 has put a strain on business relationships, especially those that arise in the preliminary stages of a technological innovation project, which have always required time and resources for cognitive and preparatory physical meetings.

Developing projects based on technology solutions that significantly impact on business processes (such as an ERP, CRM or other business applications), without ever being able to meet with technology partners, sounds like the teaser for a science fiction product.

Yet that’s exactly what Idealtec and TBS Europe have been able to do, two companies that differ in nature and type of business but with a similar need: pursue a path of innovation through the implementation of anagement applications to make their business processes more efficient, effective, agile and “global business proof”…
even when a global health crisis gets in the way!

During the Live Talk “Virtual Meeting 3 TO 1 – Needs and Solutions Meet”,
Vincenzo Greco Manuli, Founding Partner and General Manager of Idealtec and Giovanni Bedendi, President of TBS Europe, will tell their direct experiences to make other entrepreneurs like them understand that….
“it can be done!”

How sales change after the Covid-19

Paolo Guzzetti and Jacopo Fontana of Key Project will be the teachers of the course “How sales change after the Covid-19” at the ECOLE Enti COnfindustriali Lombardi per l’Education. The course will be on the following days: 24 November – 26 November – 02 December – 04 December.

Themes covered:
– The marketing process and changes in B2B markets
– How to develop business relationships “remotely”
– Map the customer’s purchasing process
– Define customer needs, value creation and vision match
– Using digital tools in the business process

Master SME

Marco Dal Medico of Key Project will teach at the master dedicated to SMEs organized by 24ORE Business School on 20 and 21 November 2020.

The two days will focus on key aspects of Supply Chain Management:
– Demand Forecasting
– Service level
– Stock and warehouse management
– Purchasing management
– Planning, scheduling and scheduling

A lean revolution in a food supply chain

Delicatesse, a company specialized in processing high quality meat, has embarked on a path of change through the implementation of Lean techniques in production processes, bringing new opportunities for development and business growth.

Article published on Logistica Management by Alessandro Naef of Key Project

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Distribution network models in the world of e-commerce

With stores closed due to lockdown, many companies had to change their sales strategies from traditional to online channels.

In the article published in Logistics Management, Andrea Pietrobelli and Jacopo Fontana of Key Project analyze how the adoption of these online channels, and therefore of e-commerce, impacts not only the commercial strategies, but also the logistic-productive system and the entire supply chain.

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Supply chain management in a crisis scenario

On “Logistica Management” n. 304 you will find the new article by Key Project on supply chain management in a crisis scenario, edited by Andrea Antognazza and Andrea Pietrobelli. .

Business continuity, for companies that continued to work, was only possible for those who had supply chains designed to withstand unforeseen shocks, alternative suppliers in different geographic areas and ease of supply chain reconfiguration, as well as organizational responsiveness and of course speed of decision making.

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Key Project and SCOUT Consulting Club

On 09/06/20, the Key Project team formed by Andrea Antognazza, Valentina Fantini and Leonardo Crivelli will take part in the live webinar organized by SCOUT Consulting Club, a non-profit organization of students of  Politecnico di Milano. The event will have a double objective:

  • Show students the work in Key Project from three different perspectives (founder, partner and consultant)
  • Involve students in the presentation and analysis of a real business case

Digital Transformation

On 12/06/2020, the Bologna Business School will start the first intake of the XXII edition of the Master in Business Administration in which Antonio Benzi, partner of Key Project, will teach the Digital Transformation course.

“Digital Transformation is the process of transforming an organization from a traditional approach to new ways of working (and thinking) using digital, social, mobile and emerging technologies. It implies a change in leadership, a different way of thinking, innovation and new business models”.

If not now when?

We are waiting for you on May 27th 2020 at the webinar organized by OTS spa “IF NOT NOW WHEN?”. Paolo Guzzetti, partner of Key Project, will talk about how team collaboration is evolving in this period of widespread smart working.

You will discover how the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform can be used for:

  • Organize a LinkedIn editorial plan
  • Manage the development of a new product
  • Monitor the commercial back end in the quote management process
  • Fostering a corporate culture of “working by objectives”

Restart safely

Restart Safely is the intervention designed by Key Project to help companies to make their business compatible with Covid-19 protocols, born from twenty years of experience in design, organization and efficiency of production processes.

To learn more visit the site: restartsafely

From Home Working to Smart Working

Suddenly we found ourselves working from home as if we were in the office, not without difficulty.

OTS spa organized 4 webinars “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” with the aim of addressing the technological, organizational and cultural aspects that revolve around smart working.

On May 6, 2020, don’t miss the first meeting “FROM HOME WORKING TO SMART WORKING” by Paolo Guzzetti, partner of Key Project

Key Project forest

In this historical moment where our planet needs us, we wanted to make a small gesture which has a great value. With this initiative we invite you to visit our forest on Treedom and, if you want, to personally plant a new tree to help us make the difference, together.

Visit la our forest > Key Project forest

Course at Assolombarda

The course “Material management: optimizing material management in a lean perspective” was held on February 18th 2020 at Assolombarda. The day was curated by Marco Dal Medico, consultant at Key Project.

Industry 4.0

On November 18th Key Project will participate in the conference “Technological innovation and industrial robotization: development models, legal protection and tax incentives” with a speech on “The automation of industrial processes and the evolution of new business models”, held by Paolo Guzzetti, Camilla Moretti and Jacopo Fontana. The topic of the speech will be Industry 4.0, digital technologies and digital transformation. The conference will be held at the Grattaccielo Pirelli – Sala Pirelli in via Fabio Filzi 22, Milan.

Key Project speech at the following link > Speech Key Project
First BLCI speech at the following link > 1° speech BLCI
Second BLCI speech at the following link > 2° speech BLCI
Third BLCI speech at the following link > 3° speech BLCI 

University of Bologna: MBA

The course “Digital Transformation” for the Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend at Bologna Business School has just ended.

Next editon will be in September with Antonio Benzi, Partner Consultant at Key Project and Adjunct Professor of the Economics, Management and Statistics School of the University of Bologna.

B-SIDE CITY: resource or problem? the recovery of milan-covered markets

The B-SIDE CITY: resource or problem? the recovery of milan-covered markets event was held on 4 June 2019:

The “B Side City” laboratory is a didactic container with the aim of tracing a path on the reuse of the criticalities present in our city, in order to provide a contribution to overcoming the dichotomy “or resource or problem”

In particular, this year the subject of the redevelopment / reuse of covered markets in Milan was discussed. The projects are part of this logic, redefining the primary mercantile function and adding an independent secondary function, mainly linked to the territory and to the residents, which will increase the “appeal”.

Paolo Guzzetti, Key Project Partner Consultant and professor at the Assolombarda, Formaper and Federmobili Business Schools will participate in the teaching.

At Business School: experiences of good collaboration between school and companies

Paolo Guzzetti, Key Project Partner Consultant and lecturer at the Assolombarda, Formaper and Federmobili Business Schools, will intervene on Monday 3rd June during the meeting “AT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: experiences of good collaboration between the school and the company.

The ever closer collaboration between School and Business is fundamental to fill the skills gap required by companies and to allow young students to enrich their wealth of experience, knowledge and social relationships.

During the event will be presented, directly by the protagonists, dual training projects carried out by Project Automation, with the contribution of Assolombarda, with 4 high schools in the area and an ITS.

24ORE Business School

Tuesday April 30th, there will be the course Master Food & Wine Management of 24ORE Business School.

The teaching will be held by Marco Dal Medico, consultant at Key Project, and will be dedicated to “Operations and supply chain management”.

The Master Food & Wine is a training course aimed at young graduates who want to specialize and enter companies in the food and wine sector through a management path. The Master’s training course allows participants to acquire distinctive knowledge on topics such as management and business management, Finance and management control, marketing, communication and commercial development in the food and wine sector, Export Management strategies and strategic and operational elements for a start up in the food sector.

Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza and Brianza

On February 26th at 5.00 pm at Assolombarda will take place the lesson “New skills to face the market” – Measures and tools for sale and placement.

Paolo Guzzetti, Partner Consultant at Key Project and lecturer at the Business Schools of Assolombarda, Formaper and Federmobili will take part in the teaching.

The meeting deals with the topical aspects of the commercial process in a situation of saturated markets and of greater and faster competition and aims to answer four questions:

  • The art of asking questions to get to know the interlocutors and to bring out even latent needs
  • Understanding how customers buy to learn how to sell
  • Successfully handle objections and questions
  • Governing the commercial process to make realistic forecasts

University of Bologna

Antonio Benzi, Partner Consultant at Key Project, Adjunct Professor of the Economics, Management and Statistics School of the University of Bologna , will held the course “Digital Transformation” for the Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend at Bologna Business School.

The Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend aims at providing young, talented managers with all the tools required to accelerate a professional growth process.

The course also features lectures with professors from other prestigious European Business Schools and hands-on seminars, in order to provide a comprehensive view on themes that are of great interest for any organization aspiring to an international relevance.

University of Bologna

“Logistics and Operations” course starts at Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna. The course is held by Antonio Benzi, Key Project Partner Consultant and Adjunct Professor of the School of Economics, Management and Statistics of the University of Bologna and Professor of Digital Transformation at Bologna Business School.

IT Utility Forum

Antonio Benzi, Consultant and Professor at Scuola di Economia, Management e Statistica dell’Università di Bologna will be present at the meeting held by CPL CONCORDIA dedicated to gas distribution, gas and energy selling and water service management. On May 24th 2018 he will elaborate on Digital Transformation & Utilities: a necessary combination for service efficiency.

Key Project Poland

Key Project opens a new office in Poland. This choice is the result of an important presence of all Key Project collaborators in this area, where more and more companies have decided to invest in new factories. Key Project thus guarantees a constant and continuous presence for all customers who are entering this new European economic reality.

First CCIP Aperitif in Wroclaw

Last night at the Italian restaurant “Corso” in Wrocław, the first Italian aperitif in Lower Silesia was held, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Italian Industry in Poland. The evening was a success: in addition to a large presence of members, among the 30 participants are the Honorary Consul Monika Kwiatosz, who gave his institutional greeting, the representatives of the American and German Chambers and the commercial director of the Wrocław airport. The participants had the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange contacts, business ideas and lay the base for future collaborations. Next CCIIP aperitif will be held on November 15th. The sponsor of the evening was Key Project Poland, new member of CCIIP and new reality on the Polish market of supply chain consultancy. Key Project is present on the Italian market since 17 years and has recently decided to embark on the adventure in Poland. Gazzetta Italia was also present at the aperitif through the figure of the director Sebastiano Giorgi.

The Wroclaw National Museum hosts the annual dinner of the Chamber of Commerce

The annual Christmas dinner of the Chamber of Commerce and Italian Industry in Poland took place yesterday evening in the splendid setting of the Wroclaw National Museum. “Exactly one year ago, the Chamber of Commerce decided to invest in the Wroclaw area, which at that time had only 15 members. The success of this evening is the confirmation of the goodness of that idea, one year of work has increased the number of registered members in Wroclaw and the presence of over 100 participants in this event is a great success, “said Alessandro Saglio, CCIIP responsible of the Wroclaw office. During the dinner, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Piero Cannas, gave the recognition for Italian Hospitality to seven restaurants: Corso Wine-Bar & Restaurant, Libertà 7 (in Wroclaw), Ristorante Osteria Le Botti (Tychy), Trattoria Flaminia, La Civetta, Pasta Fresca (in Warsaw). The evening, enlivened by the musician Jadwiga Tomczynska, was made possible by the collaboration of the sponsors Bank Zachodni WBK, 2 P, Key Project Poland, TP Reflex Polska, Italmetal, Cumiana Opony. “A special thanks to all the operational sponsors, ie the restaurants Libertà 7, Vivere Italiano, Pasticceria Rugantino, La Serenissima and Borgo Stayubeck.”