All our projects, our ideas, our solutions and our actions are characterized by a quick response for our clients’ needs and by an approach that guarantees concreteness.

Our approach is aimed to increase your business value. We establish together the best solution for the Customer’s needs, examining closely the cost/benefit ratio and guarantying the final result. Every project is fully customized to the fulfil the Company needs.

The innovation needs to be accompanied within the Company’s organization and specific methods are utilized to be sure of its acceptance. For each Project a steering committeeis appointed, made up of the Company’s managers and Key Project. The steering committee examines and discusses the project’s progress status, relevant documentation, aims and objectives, critical aspects to be removed, future activities and the relevant responsibilities. Always respecting the schedule.

The guarantee of immediate and concrete results is demonstrated by the “success fee”, calculated on the basis of the results obtained.

Our acquired experience enables us to fully support the companies during difficult or critical periods by offering high qualified resources able to manage on going special company projects that due to lack of time or of competences are not effectively driven by the company managers. We have a dedicated experience in managing projects to implement information system, enlargement or transferring production sites and warehouses, Project Management in turn key projects.

Thanks to our consolidated and direct experience in different environments we can offer a complete training package. We build our training package by evaluating the real company needs. Our training kits include case histories, tests and business games aimed at supporting the theory. Contents of our training deal with all supply chain issues, product development and lean manufacturing.

The consultants of Key Project are appointed for company training, courses at universities and training schools in Italy.


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