All our projects,  our ideas,  our solutions and  our actions are characterized by a quick response for our clients’ needs and by  an approach that guarantees concreteness.

Our approach is aimed to increase your business value. We establish together  the best solution for the Customer’s needs, examining closely the cost/benefit ratio and guarantying the final result. Every project is fully customized to the fulfil the Company needs.

The innovation needs to be accompanied within the Company’s organization and specific methods are utilized to be sure of its acceptance. For each Project a steering committeeis appointed, made up of the Company’s managers and Key Project. The steering committee examines and discusses the project’s progress status, relevant documentation, aims and objectives, critical aspects to be removed, future activities and the relevant responsibilities. Always respecting the schedule.

Our success is your success. We are so confident about our work and the professionalism of our team of consultant that we give you a guarantee, your success. The guarantee of immediate and concrete results achieved by Key Project  is demonstrated by the “success fee”, calculated on the basis of the results obtained. Key Project’s success is the fruit of our Clients’ results.


Supply Chain

Supply chain manages the material and the information flow inside the company, towards clients and suppliers. The supply chain, together with quality and price, is the key point to reach and maintain the company success in the market.
We are specialized in development and implementation of all the aspects of the supply chain:
- from definition of the production modelto realization of distribution networkto optimize costs and service level;
- from material managementto production tools and warehouse design;
- from production planning and schedulingwith MPS and MRP approach to pull system;
We face and resolve, together with the clients, issues like high level of stock, delays and unreliability of deliveries, components availability, high costs.

Lean Manufacturing

The transformation from a “traditional company” in a “lean company” implies a significant cultural change besides the implementation of new methods and instruments. Our approach starts by involving all the resources and by supporting them in the organizational application of the three main pillars:
- material management
- continuous flow / standardized work
- equipment management both within the company and towards suppliers and customers.
We can achieve the paradigm “more production with less resources” by working together with people for introducing technical and management instruments (man, machine, material and method) in order to improve production plants.
Lean thinking is not limited to productionbut involves other functions through all the transitional processes of the supply chain and product development.

Product Development

Product development is one of the three main processes in a company: in fact, together with manufacturing and sales, product development constitutes the company value stream. The objectives are:
- to create profitable operational value stream;
- to generate useful knowledge;
We are specialized in planning the product development process using both traditional techniques and “lean thinking”. We assist the company to find out where the wastes are and to remove them during the development process.
We manage the introduction of technical and operational tools:
- by understanding customers’ needs in product characteristics through the QFD, reducing time frames and increasing the possibility of success with SBCE and FMEA Lean;
- by setting systems of control with the project classification and Gate System and by organizing at short  & medium terms all the activities with the visual planning;
We help the “organizational” change by building inter functional project teams.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is the evolution process of a company organization from a traditional approach to new ways of working (and thinking) thanks to digital, social, mobile and emerging technologies. This implies a change in the style of leadership, a new vision, innovation and new business models.

A greater usage of technology allows the digitalisation and greater efficiency of processes, improved experience for employees, clients, suppliers, partners and stakeholders in general.

Lean Marketing & Sales

In today’s markets companies have realised the importance ofmarket orientation which is a fundamental prerequisite in order to valorise products, competences and services internally developed.

The consolidated marketing modules of consumer markets, a deeper understanding of industry markets, new digital tools and the acceleration of consumer styles has led us to define new Lean models in the process of sales and marketing.

We assist companies in activating and developing a process of individual, lean and effective marketing, hence guaranteeing coherence between the value perceived by the client, the sales model and the production processes.

We lead and train company resources in:

– seeking new markets and differentiating the offer of service and products, analysing the clients and defining new business models

– implementing commercial processes, activating sales tools and methodologies both individual and effective: Key Account Management, CRM, Marketing Funnel, Sales Pipeline

– Designing e-commerce models that are compatible with traditional sales channels, digital communication and supply chain processes

– Defining reachable targets and check the results for the continuous improvement of the marketing and sales processes: Marketing KPI, Business & Marketing Intelligence, Big Data Analysis